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What we want

Good jobs

Flourishing ecosystems Indigenous rights
The IPCC calls for “rapid, far-reaching changes to mitigate 1.5 C warming for a livable planet”

What we do

We accomplish our mandate through four channels


For and with our community at all levels of government


To bring our communities to action


To grow our collective power and bring local organizations together


To share good ideas and inform local actions
LPCGND deliver the IPCC report to MP Amos' office

Past actions

The La Pêche Coalition for a Green New Deal has played a leadership role in our community on the climate crisis by organizing educational events, facilitating community conversations and mobilizing community members towards a 100% renewable economy.
Climate emergency
Taking action to highlight the urgency of these times
Global climate march
Supporting youth locally and beyond
Community talks
Bringing our community together to find solutions
IPCC report
Holding politicians to account to cut emissions in half by 2030

A global movement

The Green New Deal is spreading from the ground up. Organizers follow scientists and Indigenous communities and in turn mobilize their communities to change the political spectrum of what is possible.

Why a Green New Deal?

Organizers, workers, economists, public intellectuals, and politicians across the political spectrum agree we need change now. Here is what they say about the Green New Deal:
It is a transformational vision for the next economy that is about battling inequality on every level.
credit: Kourosh Keshiri
Naomi Klein
Author of On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal
We will not achieve climate justice without Indigenous human rights. UNDRIP and the right to free and informed prior consent are central to our struggle.
Leah Gazan
Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre and Our Time GND champion
The science also tells us that it is absolutely possible – technologically, humanly and economically – to limit global warming. Political will is a necessary element of the solution.
Le Pacte
Grassroots Québecois initiative with over 286,000 signatories
The costs of renewable energy are declining very sharply. If you eliminate the massive subsidies that are given to fossil fuels, they probably already surpass them.
Noam Chomsky
Political theorist, activist, and professor of linguistics
It must leave no worker behind to build a better present and future for all of us.
Ken Bondy
UNIFOR National Representative
I’m very proud to fight for a #GreenNewDeal for Canada.
Peter Julian
Member of Parliament for New Westminster-Burnaby and sponsor of M-1 Green New Deal private members’ motion
[The] UBCIC Chiefs Council fully endorses a Pact for the Green New Deal that is grounded in the foundational rights and sovereignty of Indigenous Nations […]
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
We have a huge opportunity to change the future of this country
Nayeli Jimenez
Our Time organizer
The Green New Deal is as much a narrative device as a set of policy levers.
Julian Brave Noisecat
Member of Canim Lake Band Tsq’escen, writer, and architect of U.S. Green New Deal policy
Under the GND, the state’s monetary and fiscal institutions and policies will work in tandem to support society as a whole, not just the financial sector.
Ann Pettifor
Political economist and author of The Case for the Green New Deal
It’s about alleviating inequality between different groups of people. It’s about ensuring we have clean air and clean water.
Varshini Prakash
Cofounder and Executive Director of the Sunrise Movement
Change is inevitable. The question is who controls the change.
Winona LaDuke
Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) enrolled member of the Mississippi Band Anishinaabeg, land rights activist, environmentalist, economist, politician, and author

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