Earth Day actions

  1. Complete the following: French and English versions of the housing needs survey being distributed by The Housing Working Committee of Le Table de development social des Collines-de-Outaouais (TDSCO)
  2. Let’s put the environment at the forefront of our municipal elections – Send the Vire au vert document to our municipal council
  3. Sign on to the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment Earth Day Healthy Recovery
There are three main ways indiivudals can get involved in the coalitions
  1. Subscribe to our mailing list and come to our events
  2. Organize with us
  3. Message us with your thoughts or questions
If you represent a local business or organization and would like to organize with us to make our community more just and livable, please send us an email using the form below.
credit Nhattan Nguyen
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